Overwatch 2 has been released for over a month now, and with Season 2 coming soon, and a brand new hero in Ramattra, there's so much to look forward too.

With the new Hero now fully revealed to the public, Season 2 is looking fantastic.

However, it's going to get even better, as one of the classic maps appears to be making a fresh apperance within OW2.

When Is Nepal Coming Back To Overwatch 2?

The highly anticipated return of Nepal is one we cannot wait for, as when OW2 initially released back in October, fans were wondering where this iconic map was.

Afterall, it wasn't included during the initial release of Season 1, and it's now confirmed to be making a return during Season 2.

However, OWCaval on Twitter has noted that during the premier of Season 2, they stated that Nepal is going to release during Season 2, and with a fresh coat of paint.

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