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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the next main stream entry into the iconic Pokemon series, and with the game now fully released, players are amped to dive in.

With this game featuring an entire new cast of Pokemon, however, it's always handy to get up to speed with the basic controls.

Here's how to change clothes within Scarlet and Violet!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How To Change Clothes

Customizing your character completly was something that fans got situated with during Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it has since made it's way over to the new generation of Pokemon.

Now, players will be able to fully duke out their trainer however they see best fit.

Over the course of the game you're going to encounter loads of shops that will sell new clothes for your trainer, and there's plently of options throughout the region.

In order to change your clothes within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you're simply going to want to press left on the d-pad and it'll bring up the in-game menu to do so!