Here's where!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the next main stream entry into the iconic Pokemon series, and with the game now fully released, players are amped to dive in.

With this game featuring an entire new cast of Pokemon, there's a lot that you're going to want to find and catch, including the iconic Eevee.

Here's where to find and catch Eevee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Where To Find and Catch Eevee In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With Generation 9 being fully released, they've added over 100 Pokemon that players are going to use for the first time, and a lot of them are unique in their design.

However, with Pokemon returning such as the Eevee evolution line, players will want to catch this iconic Pokemon.

Gible can be found and caught within the West Province (Area Three) and South Province (Area Two,) and at the time of writing, there doesn't appear to be a new Eevee evolution!

Credit to Arekkz Gaming who posted the following video into where to find Eevee!

Be sure to let us know how the hunt has gone!