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There are 18 operators within Rainbow Six: Extraction and it can be a gargantuan task mastering them all. Each comes readily equipped with their own variations of primary and secondary weapons that can be tuned to your tastes. While customization isn’t necessarily the strong point for Extraction’s arsenal, there are a few weapon attachments worth your time when it comes to defeating Archaens.

Here are our picks for the best weapon attachments in Rainbow Six: Extraction for those looking to get the job done quickly.

Rainbow Six: Extraction: Best Weapon Attachments

Vertical Grip

  • Keeping in line with Siege’s realistic approach to gunfights, each weapon in Extraction will produce its own recoil pattern. Some are more excessive than others and can lead to missed shots in crucial moments. Make sure you check out the Vertical Grip in your time with Rainbow Six: Extraction. It’ll reduce the reactive nature of your weapon when continuously firing, adding valuable stability.


  • You’ll have to sacrifice stealth for power with the Compensator, but the results can be extremely rewarding. If you’re in a situation that requires an extra kick to your weapon’s damage statistics, then equipping the Compensator will ensure your bullets get the job done. This is a great choice for players tackling Extraction at higher difficulties.


  • Stealth plays an essential part of Extraction’s gameplay. Each level technically allows you to run and gun the scenario, but doing so will likely lead to an unfortunate demise. Tactical movement is the name of the game.
  • To do that, you’ll need to equip a suppressor to ensure your shots aren’t heard by lurkers waiting in the shadows. Using a suppressor may reduce some of your damage, but the amount of health you’ll save from quiet combat engagements is worth its weight in gold.

Extended Barrel

  • If you prefer to take down your enemies from a distance, then the Extended Barrel is your best friend. This underrated attachment will add a nice buff to your weapon’s range. Now you can stay back and cover your squad mates as they survey the area.  


  • Unfortunately, sights in Rainbow Six: Extraction feel redundant, as most of the maps are set within supremely claustrophobic environments. You’ll rarely need to use scopes or advanced sights. So for when you do need to aim precisely, your arsenal’s choice of optics all comes down to personal preference.

Article author: Sam Comrie is a journalist and filmmaker based in Sheffield, UK. When he isn't causing chaos in Just Cause 2, you can find him listening to Foo Fighters on repeat 24/7. Seen at NME, Red Bull Gaming, From Gamers Magazine, and JumpCut PLAY.