Gaming With Friends

Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're quickly coming up on the seventh year anniversary of the game.

Now, they've released another event for players to take part in, and this time around its the biggest one yet, Extraction.

However, you're not going to want to head into the Extraction event solo, and we're going to run over how you'll be able to invite friends!

Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Invite Friends

Teaming up with two other players, you'll be tasked with tackling multiple objectives throughout Extraction, all while playing as your favorite Operators.

However, for those new to the Ubisoft client or simply forget how to invite players, it can be a bit of doozy.

While the game may be launched through Steam, you're friends list on Steam serves no purpose on Siege.

Instead, you'll need to hit Shift+F2 and launch the in-game Ubisoft Connect client.

Once this is open, you can add your friends and then you should be able to see them online and invite them to a lobby!