Turning Off

Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're quickly coming up on the seventh year anniversary of the game.

Now, they've released another event for players to take part in, and this time around its the biggest one yet, Extraction.

Extraction takes some of the beloved Operators from the Siege lineup and pits them against the horde.

However, upon loading the game up, a lot of players have encountered a rather pesky issue with one of the default settings.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Turn Off Narrator/Text to Speech

For some reason, the in-game narrator is going to be turn on automatically when you enter into Rainbow Six Siege Extraction.

So, you're more than likely going to want to turn this feature off and it can be tricky to figure out where as its not in the general settings.

Instead, players will want to head over to the Accesibility tab when they click the settings icon, and it should be the first option you get to select.

Once doing this, just hit apply changes and you're good to go!