New Season

Rainbow Six Siege is now gearing up to release another Season, and the second one as apart of it's Year Seven program, as it already feels like yesterday we were talking about the release of Sens.

With Year 8 Season 2 nearly here, Ubisoft is reworking a map that was long overdue for one.

Here's when the Consulate rework is coming, along with all the changes.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 2 Consulate Rework Release Date

As of now, the kick-off season for Year 8 Season 2, the developers have alluded to the notion that it'll release on May 30th, 2023.

So, expect these changes to kick in during this time.

Consulate Rework

Operation Dread Factor also marks the long-awaited arrival of construction crews to the Consulate map. This is a full-on, floor-by-floor rework that will be free for all players when the season launches. The much-contested garage entry now has a half-in-half-out space that gives Attackers some cover to work with when breaching and entering, but also cuts off their long outdoor sightlines, forcing them to get in close to access the site. A new basement hallway gives some breathing room between the yellow stairs entry door, the garage, and the stairs themselves. The majestic circular main stairs are still in place, though there’s now a window entrance near the very top that sits opposite a cheeky exterior soft wall, which gives Attackers a higher entry point into the yellow stairs. There’s also a soft wall in place of the windows on the balcony above the main entrance, so Defenders will have to adjust their reinforcement priorities accordingly. You can explore the new Consulate rework and develop new strategies by playing it as part of the Discovery Playlist when Operation Dread Factor launches.