Demon’s Souls is set to launch on November 12th, 2020, and while that’s quite close, fans are finding it harder and harder to wait out the final days.  Anticipation is through the roof for this remake, and everyone is hungry to jump in and explore the world of Boletaria once again.  As the game’s release draws ever closer, a new gameplay trailer has been shared, and it gives us even more to whet our nearly-insatiable appetites.The latest gameplay trailer takes us back to Stonefang, one of Demon’s Souls five realms.  Your journey in this area will take you deep into a series of interconnected caverns, dug out by undead miners who continue to toil away.  The further you venture into this dark and dangerous location, the greater the threats will become.  Your only pockets of light will come from the fire and lava onslaught that enemies hurl at you.  There are certainly plenty of baddies to face as you dive into the depths, but the environment itself will be equally troublesome.

Stonefang houses some of the most foreboding opposition in Demon’s Souls, and they’ll be more than ready to put your skills to the test.  While the tortured miners will be little more than fodder for your sword, expect lava-spewing rock worms to dash at you and whip about wildly to try and end your adventure.  You’ll also have to take on the absolutely massive Armored Spider, which combines fire attacks with a brutish physical flurry.  You won’t stand a chance unless you time your attacks wisely, and dodge when the spider’s moves are telegraphed.  

If you manage to survive that challenge, and an even greater battle awaits in the Flamelurker.  This is a hulking mass of flesh and fire, and it’s ready to dish out serious damage thanks to its fantastic speed.  You’ll go toe-to-toe with the Flamelurker in an underground arena, a setting that drives home the point that only one of you is making it out alive.  Sidestep physical lunges, dash around multiple fire-based projectiles, and learn the Flamelurker’s patterns if you want to have any chance of continuing your adventure.

Stonefang is one of the most hellish locations in Demon’s Souls, and while it looks better than ever in this PS5 remake, don’t let the beauty fool you.  This location hides extreme danger around every corner, and you’ll need finely-honed skills and bravery to match if you plan to become the Slayer of Demons.