New details have emerged!

Marvel's Spider-Man was one of the premier PlayStation exclusives, and one of the games players have become obsessed with, including the spin-off in Miles Morales.

Now, with Spider-Man 2 rumored to be coming out soon, we're going to runover when the game will release according to leaks.

Here we go!  

Spider-Man 2 Could Release In Fall 2023 According To Rumors

With the rumors heating up with Spider-Man 2 officially being listed on the PlayStation store for players to wishlist it, we're now waiting for official news from Sony, in hopes of a new trailer.

However, in the meantime, a writer at Insomniac Games has accidently updated their CV to reflect when the game is going to release.

According to the image we'll post below, the writer has noted that they're working on Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and it's currently slated to release sometime within Fall 2023.

However, we'll be sure to update this as we hear more news in the coming weeks/months!