New details have emerged!

Marvel's Spider-Man was one of the premier PlayStation exclusives, and one of the games players have become obsessed with, including the spin-off in Miles Morales.

Now, with Spider-Man 2 confirmed to be coming out soon, there's been some speculation into what kind of game modes it'll feature.

Here's what Insomniac has had to say regarding this.

Spider-Man 2 To Only Feature Single-Player According To Insomniac Games

With Sony being shut about any news regarding the title, fans have taken to Twitter to pose any questions they've had surrounding the title, and what kind of game it'll pan out to be.

One user actually got an answer from Insomniac, when they were asking if the game is going to feature more then just single-player throughout.

They've noted the following.

Nope! It is an epic single-player adventure!

So, if you were hoping for two-player co-op throughout Spider-Man 2, there seems to be no hope anymore!