The Future

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was one of the surprise releases a few years back, as it re-ignited the Star Wars gaming franchise, with the story of Cal Kestis.

Now, with the game fully released, fans who are playing on PC have been noticing that the game isn't exactly running properly.

Here's what EA have said regarding this.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: EA Apologizes For Average PC Performance

Now, with the game inching closer to releasing, we're finally able to dive into the game, and throughout the next adventures in Cal's journey, we're also going to need to explore numerous regions throughout the galaxy.

Of course, not every game on PC is going to run smoohtly, espicially when you're also releasing a game on numerous platforms, and while the PC performance hasn't been great, it hasn't been good.

EA have now released a statement noting the following.

“We are aware that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn’t performing to our standards for a percentage of our PC players, in particular those with high-end machines or certain specific configurations.”

“We are committed to fixing these issues as soon as possible, but each patch requires significant testing to ensure we don’t introduce new problems.”

“We will continue to monitor performance across all platforms and share update timing as soon as it is available.”

So, stay tunned for more news pertaining to the patch of Jedi Survivor.