The Future

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was one of the surprise releases a few years back, as it re-ignited the Star Wars gaming franchise, with the story of Cal Kestis.

Now, we're getting ready to sink our teeth into the brand new title called Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Here's how to fast travel within the game!

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How To Fast Travel

Now, with the game inching closer to releasing, we're finally able to dive into the game, and throughout the next adventures in Cal's journey, we're also going to need to explore numerous regions throughout the galaxy.

Of course, with the game offering many locations for players to visit, fast travelling is going to be something we're going to need to take advantge of.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor will offer certain points via the meditation circles and when you first load into the planet to give the player a chance to fast travel from one location to another.

This will be useful later on in the game, when you have to double back to certain locations to grab stuff you may have missed.