Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the video game community by storm with its adrenaline-fueled action and entertaining gameplay, providing plenty of fun for millions of players. This particular Battle Royale game has an impressively large map that sees 150 players battle for the right to be the last ones standing when the dust finally settles on the battlefield. Each of the many locations on the Call of Duty: Warzone map has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to various aspects of the high-profile title. Players who have a strong knowledge of the characteristics of these different locations will have a great deal more success than competitors who are not well versed in how they should approach specific places on the Call of Duty: warzone map when they are playing.

With the importance of the game’s maps in mind, we have gathered together some tips and tricks that will help you become a formidable threat no matter the locations they may find themselves in the middle of a gunfight.

Best Loot
Making sure your inventory is filled with powerful and useful loot is one of the most important things players should focus on when playing a Battle Royale. Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception, as its map contains a few different locations where players can gather an inventory of loot that will put a smile on any player’s face. One of these locations is the Prison, which is an area that contains multiple legendary crates. These crates have the potential to provide players with the most potent weapons that Call of Duty: Warzone has to offer that are not acquired through loadout drops.

Boneyard is another area on the game’s map that has an array of crates, including some legendary ones that players can gather quickly to outfit themselves strongly right at the beginning of a game. These large amounts of crates will also help players collect large amounts of cash to help them purchase all of the useful items from the many buy stations that can be found scattered across the map.

Both the Promenade West and East areas on the Verdansk map contain a string of buildings that offer a reliable source of loot for players who choose to venture through them and outfit their inventories with the spoils that these areas provide regularly.

Best Locations to Avoid Action

A successful strategy that players employ to win Call of Duty: Warzone matches is to stay away from engaging in fights unless absolutely necessary. This strategy allows players to avoid dying from conflicts that they didn’t need to take and likely survive much longer than they would have by taking a fight than they regret when looking back on their match. Locations that are not very large and away from the main flight path of the airplane are excellent choices for players who would rather stay away from being in gunfights until it is no longer viable. The far northwest side of Verdansk contains a wide range of buildings that are often not picked to be looted by players no matter the stage of a match. This fact makes them excellent choices for players who are looking to collect some powerful loot from crates without having to worry about getting into combat.

Grazna Hills, Tavorsk Park, Styor Spomenik, and Zozsni Spomenik are also all locations on the southern edge of the Verdansk map that are off of the beaten path and do not usually attract large amounts of players. This lack of popularity means that players will be able to set up shop and create a defensive position that will allow them to survive until the very end without engaging in unnecessary fights.

Best Locations to Jump into the Action
Now, another strategy that Call of Duty: Warzone players employ regularly is fighting enemies as much as possible to experience as much of the game’s high-octane action as possible and secure impressive kill numbers to show off their battle prowess. Individuals looking to jump into the battle as soon as possible at the start of a match should land at locations like Airport, TV Station, Superstore, Boneyard, Stadium, Quarry, and Lumber Yard. Landing in these areas on the map will put aggressive players right in the thick of battles without them having to travel too far. We suggest landing at the highest points of elevation possible at these action-packed locations, as doing so will allow you to get the lay of the surroundings and spot out potential targets easier than being on lower ground. Having the high ground in these hot zones will allow you and your teammates to have a precious advantage when there are sure to be dozens of enemy players surrounding you ready to send you to the Gulag.
Locations for Every Playstyle

One of the most appealing aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone is that players can win no matter if they like to take down their opponents from far away or rush right into their faces and take them down in close-range fights. One of the best ways that players can take advantage of both of these playstyles at the same time is by spending their time at the Downtown and Hospital locations in Verdansk. The reasoning for why Downtown and Hospital are the best locations for both of these playstyles is the plethora of tall buildings that make up their environments. Players who enjoy sniping can perch themselves on top of the roofs and provide cover fire and recon to their teammates who would instead head inside of buildings on the ground level and clear them out with formidable close-range power. Downtown and Hospital are the areas where teams can see all of their players play to their potential without being forced into combat scenarios they may not be the most comfortable fighting in when traversing through the world of Call of Duty: Warzone.

The map of Call of Duty: Warzone offers a treasure trove of locations where players can engage in a multitude of different combat styles and experiences that will no doubt provide plenty of entertainment through all of their matches. These tips and tricks will help you and your teammates utilize the strengths of these locations to their highest potential and take home enough victories and kills to satisfy the competitiveness of any player.