Depending on what side of the fence you are with Valorant's latest agent, KAY/O, you'll be eager to hear about a new bug that has emerged involving the android.

When this bug occurs, it makes it seemingly invincible - adding on a massive amount of health.

So what is it all about?

KAY/O Bug Grants A Ridiculous Amount Of Health

What's Happening?

As a strong addition to the Valorant roster, players have been playing with the new agent extensively.

To add to his strong abilities now comes a new glitch that grants him up to 850HP.

Bizzarely, the agent is brought down to 0HP, before gaining eight-times more HP than it started with.

How does that even work? When KAY/O's Ultimate (NULL/CMD) is active, it will enter a destabilized state after taking fatal damage. That gives it a huge health boost whilst waiting for a teammate to fully revive them.

But the bug is making things awkward as it's giving the user the health boost while moving and shooting.

Clips are popping up on Reddit and Twitch.

Annoyingly, it comes shortly after the 3.01 update, but Riot will be wise to get these fixed quickly.

Is It Common?

It doesn't seem to be happening to everyone, but it's common enough to be noticed.

It's incredibly frustrating as players are getting the kill on KAY/O, the kill pops up in the killfeed only to be killed and the round be awarded the other way.

It also seems to occur with no Ult points to their name.

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