Valorant has been high soaring since the game was released back in 2020, and the game has solidified itself as a stable esport with a growing fanbase.

2023 is now here, and with Riot moving towards a franchise model for the majority of their esports league, players are amped to watch more.

Here's a rundown of all the currently announced major events for Valroant and when they're taking place.

Valroant Event Tracker

Over the course of 2022, we've seen some amazing Valorant events, from online qualifiers for Valorant Champions to LAN events such as Valorant Masters, the future looks promising for the esport.

With this said, we currently have a lot of Valorant events coming up towards the later half of 2023, and we're amped to catch the action.

As of now, there's numerous events coming for the rest of the year, with the main event being Valorant Masters Tokyo, taking place in June.

As well as Valorant Champions, which is the main event of the year, and will take place sometime towards the Fall in Los Angeles.