What's next for Valorant?

Valorant's latest patch 4.06, was cancelled by Jeff Landa the day it was suppose to release worldwide to players, and now Valorant fans alike will have to wait an additonal week for a brand new patch.

With 4.06 being tossed aside, the next patch number 4.07 is going to have all the attention over the next little short while.

We're going to runover everything there is to know about Valorant patch 4.07, and hopefully this time around it doesn't get cancelled!

Release Date

Since 4.06 is technically cancelled, they're doing the patch number skip method that Riot does from time to time, so 4.07 is still going to take the void as the next patch being released for Valorant.

So, we can assume this will still remain on track to release April 12-13, 2022.

4.07 Patch Notes

Server Updates

  • Added a new set of servers in Latin America, which should help with latency in that region

    • It is scheduled to turn on not long after 4.07 is live.

Weapon Updates

  • Bulldog and Stinger now delay firing inputs while bringing up the weapon to aim down sights (ADS)

    • Prevents you from getting burst mode accuracy improvements before they finish raising your weapon

    • Adds a slight cost to the decision to switch to burst firing mid-combat

    • You can still begin firing immediately while switching back to full auto/hip fire mode

  • Ability-based weapons* can now also be input-queued to equip after the current action

    • *This includes: Chamber guns and ultimate for Neon, Jett and Raze

Store Updates

  • Load times for the VP purchase page should now load in ta matter of seconds (previously, it would take more than thirty seconds in some instances)

Social Updates

  • Added new detections for different AFK-like behaviors in rotating game modes



  • Fixed a bug where Yoru could use a weapon immediately at the end of his ultimate by exploiting an unwanted interaction with ropes

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to defuse the Spike while channeling abilities

  • Skye’s Seekers can once again break through the destructible doors on Ascent


  • Fixed a bug where comms-restricted players could not listen to team voice chat

  • Fixed a bug where players were not always immediately removed from the game after being banned


  • Fixed a bug that was causing performance bonuses to show at incorrect times

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed an issue where briefly tapping the “Use Spike” button to plant the Spike could cause you to end up holding the Spike instead of your last equipped weapon