One more in the Chamber

Valorant's next Act, Disruption will be releasing soon and along with this update we're going to be getting a brand new character in Neon.

The powerful speedster is one of the more ambitious character that Riot intends on releasing in quite some time, but we're always looking ahead.

Here's all we know regarding Episode 4 Act 2 for Valorant!

Release Date

Valorant Act 4 Episode 2 is still a decent bit away, as we can expect the next major update to not release for another few months.

Maybe sometime around March or April is when it'll release.

Patch Notes

One notable addition has been leaked by ValorLeaks in preperation for the update coming out, and this is the new style of picking characters Riot is going to complete.

This will be the same as League of Legends and its commonly refered to as Cascade picking.