New Skins

Valorant's in-game bundles are some of the best looking skins in all of gaming, as Riot have really stepped it up over recent Acts.

But, we all don't forget one of the best collections to release yet, the Reaver bundle was one of the first purchasble bundles within the game and it appears new leaks have indicated that a second verison is coming soon.

Here's all we know!

Release Date

The new Valorant patch will releaseon August 9th, 2022, which is also when we can point fingers to when Reaver 2 is going to release.  

Reaver 2 Details

The original Reaver bundle had skins for the Vandal, Operator, Sheriff and Knife, and a lot of players are still using these skins to this day.

Well, Reaver 2 is going to add skins for a few more weapons, along with add an amazing Krambit for players to also use.

Reaver 2 will feature cosmetics for the following weapons.

  • Reaver Ghost
  • Reaver Spectre
  • Reaver Odin
  • Reaver Phantom
  • Knife (Krambit)

Since the first Reaver bundle was one of the first preminum bundles, we can expect this one to also be around the same price. Which we're going to assume is in the excess of around 7000 Credits if you're looking to opt into all of the skins.

Down below are some of the leaks images of all the new Reaver 2 skins!