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While Call of Duty Vanguard hasn't been getting off to the best of starts, considering by and in large, it's a duplicate of Modern Warfare 2019, the game has been reporting some concerning numbers.

While we assumed that sales may have been down this year, espicially due to the sheer amount of titles releasing this quarter, no-one expected it to be this bad.

Vanguard Sales Down 40% Amid Worst Selling COD In UK History

Numbers were reported a week after Vanguard released worldwide, and they weren't the best numbers; as sales are down 40% as compared to when Black Ops Cold War released.

This isn't the best news to hear if your a COD fan or one of the developers behind these titles, but this isn't the only stat that has been reported.

VGC has reported that Vanguard is in fact, the worst UK title in over 14 years, which is quite impressive to say the least.

While players are still diving into Vanguard, we're going to see more and more players jump back into COD when Warzone Pacific premiers next week!