Warzone has been lacking a final killcam since the game mode was released nearly three years ago, and since its release fans have been begging for one.

The most iconic feature of past Call of Duty titles has been missing here, and it appears that a new glitch has hinted at one coming soon!

Warzone Could Be Getting A Final Killcam Thanks To This New Glitch

We're all aware of the Call of Duty Final Killcam, as it's without a doubt one of the most iconic mechanics in video games.

There was no better feeling than back in the day hitting a trickshot that would end up being the last killcam for players to see.

Now, thanks to Reddit user KezzaaB, it appears that his Warzone match accidently concluded with a final killcam.

Whether or not this means one is coming to the game is unknown as of now, but take this clip with a grain of salt, as it could mean nothing for the future of Warzone.