Warzone's in-game HP for players has been a hot topic as of late, as there were rumors quite some time ago that they were going to increase the HP to 150.

Now, they've bascially confirmed this notion and are giving you the chance to have your say into the issue!

Devs Tease HP Buff For Warzone And Players Can Vote On It

We're all well aware that the TTK in Warzone is rather fast, and annoying sometimes, as more likely than not you've been lasered by someone and have had no time to react.

So, the developers have sought after the idea that increasing the HP to 150, will resolve some of the issues players have been having within the game.

So, they want you the player to decide whether or not they're going to increase the health and you can cast your vote on Twitter, and more than 60K people have voted thus far.