I don't need no parachute

Hackers are running riot in Verdansk, but this latest glitch seems to be a positive one for all of those that encounter it.

You'd be tempted to say its the best glitch to happen in Warzone to date.

This new glitch is raising player accounts straight to level 1000 - as well as unlocking all attachments, camos and more.

Hackers Are Boosting Players To Level 1000

What's Happening?

It's no secret that the grind to unlock attachments and camos can be a long a tedious task. Especially when new weapons are being added regularly and the meta seems to flip-flop so regularly.

That's why it seems Hackers are making this process much easier by giving players everything they need without going through the grind.

That's right, those that usually unlock everything for themselves are now redeeming themselves by giving it all to players.

It's happening to a number of well know Warzone players, including NICKMERCS.

How Is It Done?

No-one really knows how or why it is happening, but it seems that just being present in the lobby is enough to reward you with the ultimate Warzone treasure.

Players are theorising it is an old Call of Duty hacked that has been repurposed for Warzone.

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