The King

Warzone has been a popular topic as of late, from the news of Warzone 2 releasing within the next year or so, to their new actions against cheaters.

Now, we're going to talk about a new method that players have discovered that allows you to bascially gain infinite weapon XP to get gold camos.

How To Get Gold Camos In Warzone Fast

The new Warzone Clash gamemode has been attracting fans all over the world, as it's a decent bit of fun, where you don't have to sweat it out during a match.

One Reddit user was playing Clash and noticed that all players AFK during a match will spawn roughly in the same area.

Bascially, all you need to do in order to gain a ton of weapon XP to get those gold camos, is to load into a Clash match, and hope there's numerous players AFK in it.

Once you're able to find where they're spawning, just head over there and shoot away!