The King

Warzone hasn't been known for collaboration events since it was released numerous years ago, as we're all aware that Fortnite is the king when it comes to these type of in-game events.

Well, it appears Warzone is going to be having it's first collaboration one, as leakers have noted that King Kong and Godzilla may be coming soon!

King King/Godzilla Warzone Event May Be Coming Soon

A bizare combination to see within Warzone, but it makes sense given the massive volcano and pacific landscape of Caldera.

The rumors and speculation all began when TheGhostofHope tweeted an image of King Kong the other day, and other leakers such as RealityUK noted "ah so you know finally lol."

There isn't much else to say regarding the event/partnership, as we can assume it'll be happening sometime within the near future, but we don't know what's going to occur.

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