Holiday Joy

We're slowly but surely approaching one of the most exciting times of the year, as the tail-end of the month is one that gamers worldwide will look forward too, as there's a countless amount of games coming out.

Warzone Pacific has now released, and players worldwide are looking to check out some of the changes within the game.

Here's all the changes in Warzone today!

Warzone Patch Notes Today

Warzone is always adding new content into their game, and they've constantly been updating the game with new seasonal content and now more than ever it's vital to know what's being added or changed within the game.

Down below is a quick overview of all the patch notes for today's Warzone update.


  • In Vanguard Modes, the Firesale Public Event will now last for the entire duration of the respective Circle that it starts with.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue causing every Loadout Drop to spawn at the exact same XY coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Awoken” Francis Operator Skin to appear invisible beyond a certain distance.

Along with these changes it appears that the Double Barrel shotgun, which has become the meta for most Warzone players has been nerfed.

This comes in from ModernWarzone, but we'll have to wait for further confirmation by Raven themselves soon!