We’re delighted to announce popular YouTube and Twitch Streamer Ali “SypherPK” Hassan is now part of the ROCCAT family. With over 14 million fans, including over 5.2 million YouTube subscribers and 4.7 million Twitch subscribers, SypherPK has built his gargantuan following by showcasing his expert Fortnite skills. Sypher’s willingness to share his expertise, techniques, and strategies with aspiring gamers has made him one of the most popular Fortnite personalities in the world.

SypherPK is a professional gaming streamer based in Austin, Texas. Over the last 10 years he has risen to be one of the most popular faces in the gaming industry. Sypher’s most notably known for his educational Fortnite gameplay where he focuses on teaching tips and tricks to his wide-reaching audience. He is revered for his insightful take on game-winning strategies. He has also been known to compete as well as host his own Fortnite tournaments. Additionally, SypherPK launched Oni Studios, a visionary resource designed to empower creators in the gaming space, helping young streamers elevate their content into their brands into empires.

“ROCCAT makes the most competitive-minded PC gaming accessories, and I can count on their gear to perform when I play, which means I can focus more on winning and sharing my strategies and tactics with my fans,” said SypherPK. “I continually push myself in each game I play or scenario I teach people about, and ROCCAT delivers the speed and precision that enables me to lead my squad to victory.”

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