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Apex Legends has been moving along within the New Year, and while Apex Legends Mobile was recently cancelled, we're getting a brand new revamp for Season 16.

One of the major changes coming to Apex Legends is the new sub-classes for each legend and we're going to run over them down below.

What Are The New Classes In Apex Legends 'Revelry"?

Before, the legends were simply split into three categories, Recon, Assault and Support, and there wasn't much ground to any of these, besides the fact that Recon legends could scan the towers.

Now, we're moving into what appears to be Apex's second chapter, and the developers have outlined the new classses.

  • Assault
  • Recon
  • Skirmisher
  • Controller
  • Support

As well, here's the details into each legend and what class they're going to be in.

- Maggie, Ash, Bangalore, Revenant, Fuse
- Valk, Wraith, Mirage, Horizon, Octane, Pathfinder
- Crypto, Seer, Vantage, Bloodhound
- Catalyst, Rampart, Wattson, Caustic
- Newcastle, Lifeline, Loba, Gibraltar