The Last of Us has been one of the hhighest critically acclaimed titles that has released within the modern century, as both titles won game of the year during their respected release dates.

Now, they've gone ahead and released The Last of Us Part 1 on the PlayStation 5 for players to dive back into.

With this release, they've also premiered the Firefly Edition for the PS5 and we're going to runover what's inside for players.

What Comes With The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Edition?

The Last of Us Part 2 featured one of the coolest ultimate editions we've seen in a while, as Naughty Dog still develop statues for players to purchase, which is one of the best features about ultimate editions.

The Firefly Edition is the only upgrade avaliable for players seeking to pickup the game on the PS5, and it'll run them an additional $30.

However, players will gain the following exclusive perks when upgrading towards this edition.

  • The Last of Us single-player story and Left Behind prequel chapter for PS5™
  • Limited edition SteelBook® display case
  • The Last of Us: American Dreams Comics #1 - #4 with new cover art
  • Early unlock of the following in-game items:*
    • Increased Crafting and Healing Speed Skills
    • 9mm Reload Speed and Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrades
    • Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier
    • Dither Punk Filter and Speedrun Mode
    • Six Weapon Skins: Black Gold 9mm Pistol, Silver Filigree 9mm Pistol, Rubber Tactical Shotgun, Sculpted Oak Shotgun, Arctic White Bow, Carbon Black Bow