Hit All Targets

Warzone Pacific has now released worldwide, and it's been fresh change of pace for players who've been diving into the battle royale for almost two years now.

Throughout your days of playing Warzone you may have watched streamers or heard your friends say a weapon is hitscan.

Not knowing what this term means can be confusing, so we're going to run over what exactly it means in Warzone.

What Is Hitscan In Warzone?

With the vast amount of weapons players have the choice of using within Warzone, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to use to domiante lobbies.

But, from time to time you've probably heard the term, hitscan, which essentially means instead of the weapon replicating bullet drop or how the bullets fire out of the barrel.

Instead, your crosshair is the end result of the weapons bullets, meaning they won't steer off course when shooting.

This is viable for players to find these hitscan weapons, as these are without a doubt the best weapons for players to use, as they won't have to aim higher or lower when shooting at an enemy.