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Warzone Pacific has now released worldwide, and it's been fresh change of pace for players who've been diving into the battle royale for almost two years now.

While the new map has given players an ample amount of content to check out, there is a major patch looming that could change the way Warzone is played forever.

What Is The ADS Nerf Coming To Warzone

Warzones gunplay has been one of the mechanics that have stayed the same for the most part since the game released almost two years ago.

While the game already has a pretty fast time-to-kill or TTK, it looks like Raven Software are already looking to increase this even further in the near future.

This comes from a tweet by Raven themselves, noting how they're looking to increase the overall TTK, but this will cause the base ADS to decrease across all weapons.

Essentially, this means players will take long to aim down their sights, but at the same time, be able to kill other players faster.