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The Legend of Zelda has always been one of Nintendo's flagship series, and with the success of Breath of The Wild, the series has been elevated to new heights as of late.

Now, Nintendo fans are gearing up to dive into the new title, and we're going to runover one of the abilities that Link will be able to use within the game.

Here's what we know about Ultrahand.

What Is Ultrahand In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom?

With the game coming soon for players globally, there's going to be some interest into the new mechanics within this year's Zelda, and this includes the process of using abilites once again.

Link is going to obtain a brand new ability in the form of Ultrahand, and as we've seen throughout the trailers, it's going to be important for puzzles and what not.

This new ability is essentially going to allow players to move objects wherever they want, and maneuver them how they best see fit.

With Ultrahand Link can pick up, move, and rotate objects. He can even attach things together to create bridges, and vehicles.

Check it out below!