Call of Duty: Warzone is a free new update for 2019’s Modern Warfare and the best part? It’s FREE! Battle Royale has officially arrived and ups the ante with 150-player chaos, two different modes, and more. Here’s what you need to know about Call of Duty: Warzone.
What You Need to Know About Call of Duty: Warzone

The update is now live, having deployed at 8 AM PT for all platforms. For those that already have the game, it requires 15-22 GB to download. For those that don’t already own a copy of Modern Warfare, that download size can be a bit daunting coming in at 80-100 GB of free space with a small delay set at 12 PM PT.

For those playing on PC, the game is available through Console players can download the update like normal, just make sure that a live service for either PlayStation or Xbox is active since the game is online.

Battle Royale, Modern Warfare Style

The Battle Royale Modern Warfare take includes 150 players split into squads of three to battle it out for the top team. Like most Battle Royale games, players will deploy from a plane to drop at their choosing point on the Verdansk map.

As with most Battle Royale adventures, players will start out with bare minimum. In this case, a simple handgun will be awarded through better weapons and gear can be looted throughout the map. As time progresses, the circle surrounding the map will get smaller, effectively controlling the game and how players adapt to the changing landscape.

The last team of three standing wins, proving to be the best of the best … at least for that round.

Once You’re Down, You’re Not Necessarily Out

When players are knocked down mid-match, they will find themselves in what Activision calls a Gulag. This is the last chance to stay for a chance to fight, and it’s one that definitely requires players to work for it.

The Gulang is a 1v1 fight against another player that has found themselves down, the winner gets a second lease on life and the ability to get back into the main game. For those that couldn’t quite hack the pressure, the losing player will then find themselves at the mercy of their squad and whether or not they will buy the redeployment option.

Earned Loot
During each match, players can take on team tasks called Contracts in a bid to earn money and special gear. Choose wisely, because only one Contract can be enabled at a time per team, but for those looking to have the best of the best this additional mechanic is more than worth undergoing.

The second mode that players can take on is called Plunder. This is the Greedy Man’s Battle Royale because the number one goal is to get that money through Contracts, scavenging, and straight-up murder.

Cash in this take on Battle Royale is key, in both modes, because it can be used to purchase better items in Buy Stations. Redeploy tokens, killstreaks, healing, and more can be purchased through here, which, as huge fans of killstreaks, we’re definitely here for this particular feature.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through Happy hunting!