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Modern Warfare 2 is the latest installment within the iconic franchise, and with the game now fully released, we've got our eyes turned to Warzone 2.

The next iteration of CODs battle royale is coming soon, and we've got all the content you need to stay up to date with the title.

Here's the best sights you should be using within Warzone 2!

What's The Best Sight To Use In Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 will feature a brand new map for players to duke it out within, and while using the best weapons is going to be a good start, seeing your enemies is going to be the big difference.

Throughout Warzone 1, most players opted for the VLK 3X Optic, this time around, there appears to be some new sights that players should be using right away.

As JGod has noted, the Raptor-FVM40 is going to be the premier sniping optic for players as it indicates how much bullet drop players will need to calculate.

As well, below are all the sights we recommned for Warzone 2!

  • Cronen Mini Pro
  • Raptor-FVM40
  • 3X Optic

You're going to want to have a percise gaming mouse for the release of Warzone 2 before you dive in, along with headset in our Syn Max Air.