New details have emerged!

The Last of Us has transcended gaming over the years, and with the new HBO show premiering, players all over the world are looking to sink their teeth into Joel and Elle's story.

However, the game isn't playable on all platforms yet, which is why we're going to runover when it'll become playable on PC!

When Is The Last of Us Coming To PC

Originally released back in 2013, The Last of Us has seen numerous remastereds over the years, as they've ramped up their production of the title and the resources behind them.

With an updated PS5 port releasing back in September of 2022, the long awaited PC port is not far behind thankfully for players.

In fact, they've already gone ahead and announced that The Last of Us PC release date is going to be March 28, 2023 so be sure to get ready for one of the best gaming adventures out there!