Fortnite's newest collaboration has been long awaited and it comes in the form of Dragonball Z.

With Goku finally added into the game, some other characters from Dragonball have been added into the game, including Bulma.

As well, the Kama House is where Bulma lives, and players will want to go here as there's a powerful weapon waiting for them!

Where to find Bulma And the Kame House In Fortnite

Bulma is one of the main side characters throughout Dragonball and she's made an entry into Fortnite and even has her on island to herself.

Residing within the Kama House, players will be able to easily identify this house, as it's one of the few houses on the small islands towards the eastern side of the map.

Unless someones already been there during a match and eliminated Bulma, she should be within the house or walking along the outside of it.

Thanks to we can give you a better overview of where the Kame House is down below!

Keep in mind, just glide east over the Launchpad, and you should spot it.