Fortnite has been undergoing one of its best periods in recent memory, as with the new map releasing, theres a ton of content for players to check out.

Over recent seasons, we've seen similar skins in regards to how customizable and interchangable they are, and Fortnite may have released their best skin yet!

Where To Find Feathers In Fortnite and How To Unlock All Haven Masks

Feathers are essentially one of the ways you'll be able to unlock these Haven Masks, and if you're looking to obtain them, they can be found by simply looting chests.

They appear at random while looting, but keep in mind, you're going to need over 440 of them to fully unlock all the Haven Masks.

In regards to the masks themselves, we're going to run over all the masks, along with the challenges and number of feathers you'll need to complete before obtaining one.

  • All-Seeing Cat – Unlocked with Haven Skin.
  • Reanimated Cat – Catch a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and a Jellyfish and spend 15 feathers.
  • Midnight Cat – Catch 20 fishes and spend 20 feathers.
  • Hidden Scales – Slide 300 meters and spend 10 feathers.
  • Hypno Scales – Slide continuously for eight seconds and spend 15 feathers.
  • Glowing Scales – Deal 100 damage to opponents while sliding and spend 20 feathers.
  • Spring Owl – Land on a tree after gliding and spend 10 feathers.
  • Primal Owl – Glide 1,000 meters and spend 15 feathers.
  • Tropical Owl – Damage opponents within 10 seconds of gliding and spend 20 feathers.
  • Friendly Klombo – Ride on a Klombo for 10 seconds and spend 10 feathers.
  • Hungry Klombo – Feed a Klombo with a Klomberry and spend 15 feathers.
  • Grouchy Klombo – Deal 50 damage to Klombos and spend 20 feathers.
  • Dream Hopper – Drive a car, a Quadcrasher, and a boat and spend 10 feathers.
  • Frost Hopper – Air time for 10 seconds while in a vehicle and spend 15 feathers.
  • All-Seeing Hopper – Drive 5,000 meters in a vehicle and spend 20 feathers.
  • Elder Wolf – Hunt five chickens and spend 10 feathers.
  • Cuddle Wolf – Hunt five boars and spend 15 feathers.
  • Primal Wolf – Hunt five wolves and spend 20 feathers.
  • Tropical Chirper – Complete five daily quests and spend 10 feathers.
  • Frosty Chirper – Complete 10 daily quests and spend 15 feathers.
  • Primal Chirper – Complete 20 daily quests and spend 20 feathers.
  • Autumn Stag – Consume three different types of foraged items and spend 10 feathers.
  • Skelle Stag – Gather three foraged items at different named locations and spend 15 feathers.
  • Primal Stag – Consume 25 foraged items and spend 20 feathers.
  • Frosty Scavenger – Search 10 chests and spend 10 feathers.
  • Golden Scavenger – Search three Seven of IO chests and spend 15 feathers.
  • Midnight Scavenger – Search two Rare Chests and spend 20 feathers.
  • Fire Hunter – Claim five Haven masks and spend 10 feathers.
  • Snow Hunter – Claim 15 Haven masks and spend 15 feathers.
  • Eclipse Hunter – Claim 25 Haven masks and spend 20 feathers.