TemTem has finally released into version 1.0 and with this, fans are amped to jump back into the game which was once in beta for nearly two years.

Now, with a strong playerbase the game looks to thrive, and for those who do not know, one TemTem has been catching the eyes of a lot of players.

Here's where to find Hazrat within TemTem.

Where To Find Hazrat In TemTem

As the name suggests, Hazrat is well a rat, but has been exposed to hazardous materials, and this lives in the sewers within the TemTem universe.

Hazrat features the Toxic/Fire typing and their official description is as follows.

"If Temtem can develop in the Xolot Reservoir, why wouldn't they thrive in the sewers of Properton? WARNING: all specimens of this species are required to undergo a Dojo-approved detox process to make them safe to handle."

So, those looking to catch one of these Hazrat's will need to head over to Sewers of Properton or the Braeside Castle, which are both located on Aubrey.

These Hazrat's will be level 60 ish when you catch them!