Dying Light is one of the more unique concepts within gaming that's been released, and Techland, the studio behind the series has released the long awaited sequel to the original game.

The new immunity and skill tree leaves some questions for players, such as the Inhibitors players will be able to find around the map.

Where To Find Inhibitors In Dying Light 2

In short, Inhibitors are used to upgrade your players Stamina, Health and overall Immunity time in Dying Light 2.

Normally, citizens would only be able to handle one Inhibitor, but since Aiden is infected, he can take as many as he wants.

The game will tell you when an Inhibitor container is close, and they can be a bit pesky to find, as theres numerous ones around the map.

However, in general, they can be found at the following loctions.

  • GRE Anomaly's
  • GRE Hospitals
  • Bandit Camps
  • Dark Hollows
  • Main Story Missions