TemTem has finally released into version 1.0 and with this, fans are amped to jump back into the game which was once in beta for nearly two years.

Now, with a strong playerbase the game looks to thrive, and for those who do not know, one TemTem has been catching the eyes of a lot of players.

Here's where to find Reval within TemTem.

Where To Find Reval In TemTem

Reval is one of the best looking TemTem's within the game, as since the Pokemon belongs to the Mental type, it features some incredible design aspects, espicially within their eyes.

For those who don't know, Reval is the evolved form of Aohi, but there's one part within the game where you'll be able to catch this TemTem.

Players will need to head to the island of Arbury, and more notabally, players will want to head towards the third aera of the Meadowlands route.

Once here, Reval should be within the wild, and will spawn between levels 60-65!

Be sure to let us know if you've caught one.