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Skyrim Anniversary Edition is now released, and it's in celebration of the games tenth anniversary, and Bethesda has added a ton of features into the games for players to check out.

One of these features is fishing, which has hysterically been the most beloved addition to the legendary game since the game was released.

We're going to run over how you'll be able obtain a fishing rod within Skyrim.

How To Get A Fishing Rod In Skyrim

Throughout the world of Skyrim, there's multiple ways players will be able to fish and obtain one of these rods, as Bethesda haven't made it restrictive whatsoever, allowing for players all around the world to check out the new feature.

We've identified some methods in order to snag one of these rods, and we're going to run over these.

Here's where you'll be able to get a fishing rod in Skyrim.

  • Near fishing spots
    • Sometimes they will be randomly placed around these spawns
  • Crafting
    • Players will be able to craft one using one iron ingot and one firewood
  • Market
    • Players will be able to buy one via a local merchant for around 30 gold.