Ice ice baby

Fortnite is no stranger to mixing up the way the game is played every so often, as they're known for adding wacky weapons to change up the playstyle every now and then.

Now, a recently new update into the game has added one of the most beloved weapons back into the game, but with a twist.

Here's where you'll be able to find the Icey Grappler in Fortnite.

Where To Get The Icey Grappler in Fortnite

One of the surprising updates during Season 8 thus far, has come when Epic decided to hot update the Icey Grappler into the game on November 3rd, 2021.

This is a new twist on the classic Grappler, as it now incorporates aspects from the Ice Trap, as players will have their feet covered in ice whenever they shoot the Icey Grappler.

This isn't that too much of a trade-off to use this new item within the game, as it still offers insane mobility to players, and it can be real useful if you need to get to a new location fast.

If you're looking to use one within Fortnite, you'll need to have accumulated 300 Gold Bars first. Then, head south until you reach the Apres Ski Landmark atop the mountains on the most southern point of the Fortnite map.

Once there, you should be able to purchase the Ice Grappler for the noted above 300 Bars!