While it still feels like Rockstar releasing GTA 6 is lightyears away. There's been an ample amount of content that's been released into GTA Online over recent months.

The brand new Contract DLC takes us six years into the future as Franklin and some other familiar faces, and it's been one of the best DLCs released yet.

This DLC gives players lots of opportunites to earn additional money and the missions are stellar, and we're going to run over how players can get the Contract started!

How To Start The Lost Contract In GTA Online

The Contract DLC has implemented some fantastic buildings and content for players to purchase along their way throughout the game.

One of these buildings is the Agency and players can purchase these buildings once they've accumualted enough money to do so.

This is bascially how you get the entire DLC started, as you'll need to purchase one of these buildings which will run you around two million in-game dollars.

Once you've completed this task, head over to the building and Franklin will be waiting for you inside the building, triggering the first cutscene for the DLC.