It's a trap!

Fortnite is no stranger to mixing up the way the game is played every so often, as well as adding unqiue skins into the game.

Now, Naruto and the gang of Team 7 have arrived onto the island, and they also bring a ton of challenges for players to dive into.

One of these challenges is to place or destroy a trap within Fortnite, and we're going to runover how you'll be able to achieve this!

Where To Place or Destroy A Trip In Fortnite

This challenge is one of the in-game quests players will have the option to tackle, and it can only be obtained by talking to Kakashi, or the leader of Team 7.

The Copy Ninja can be found to the south-west of Lazy Lake, wihtin the open field that connects certain POIs.

Placing or destroying a trap is in fact the last quest as a part of the Kakashi quest line, and it's a rather easy one to say the least.

All you have to do is to find or destroy a trap item during a match, but, it can be a bit confusing as there isn't any direct trap items within the current loot pool.

However, Launch Pads and Armored Walls fall into this categroy, so simply find one of these around the map and either destroy it or place one!