Crashing Landing

Fortnite is no stranger to mixing up the way the game is played every so often, as well as adding unqiue skins into the game.

Now, Naruto and the gang of Team 7 have arrived onto the island, and they also bring a ton of challenges for players to dive into.

One of these challenges is locating and scouting a crashed UFO site on the Fortnite map, and we're going to runover where players will be able to find this.

Where To Scout a UFO Crash Site In Fortnite

This challenge is one of the in-game quests players will have the option to tackle, and it can only be obtained by talking to Kakashi, or the leader of Team 7.

The Copy Ninja can be found to the south-west of Lazy Lake, wihtin the open field that connects certain POIs.

Once you've found Kakashi, players will be able to take the quest, and the UFO site is literally just down the road from where you take this quest.

Well, at least, this is the cloest UFO site, and once you've arrived here, the quest will begin.

Basically, all players have to do is to head to certain locations around the crashed UFO that have a time trail icon above them.

You have to head over to each icon to interact with, and once you've down this, the challenge will be complete.

It's a rather easy challenge given the closeness of the NPC and the quest itself, so not a problem for most players.

Below is an image of where the crashed UFO site is!