New Maps

Valorant has been soaring lately, and with Episode 4 Act 2 recently releasing, players are soaking in all the new changes that came with this update.

While we didn't see a new map or a new agent this time around, we have recently gotten some news about the potential of some new maps in the works!

New Valorant Map In The Works

As of now there's seven maps currently in the Valorant rotation, and all of them offer some unique aspect that seperate them from one another.

Whether it's Fracture's zipline underneath the map, or the teleporters on Bind, Riot certaintly knows how to keep the game fresh.

As for what's coming in the near future, during a recent Valorant Map AMA on Reddit, some users wanted to see where the maps could go in the future, and if we could see maps on other agents hometowns.

As far as this prospect is concerned, it seems like Riot is looking at this, as Lead Environment Artist George Sokol noted that it's something they're interested in.

As well, we could see some nightime maps someday, as Level Designers Joe Lansford commented on this during the Reddit thread.