With Valorant being one of then premier tactical shooters to have released since CS:GO, Riot has a wide array of maps for players to battle it out on.

But, one of the games original maps, Split has suddenly been disabled.

Here's why!

Why Is Split Disabled In Valorant

Game breaking bugs haven't been so common within Valorant since it was released over two years ago, and it's quite rare for Riot to remove or disable a map or a character based on an exploit that was found.

But, this is the case with Split right now, as players have discovered a greasy hiding spot on the A side of the map, that has been ruining matches.

Basically, playing as Jett or Raze, players can boost themselves onto a ledge that oversees anyone coming into A-side heaven, and no one will notice them.

So, Riot has disabled the map for now to remove this exploit and should be back soon!