World of Warcraft Dragonflight is the lastest expansion in the iconic series, and fans are amped since the pre-patch arrived towards the end of October.

Now, in the leadup to the new DLC, fans are wondering more about the new class within WoW, and this comes in the form of the Evoker.

Here's all you need to know!

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Dracthyr Evoker - Racial Abilities, Talents and Everything You Need to Know

This is going to be the one stop shop for the best loot at the beginning of Dragonflight, and with the new Talent Trees, players are going to be able to make their Evoker's some of the best within the game.

The new class is unique, as it offers some amazing abilities, alongside some neat racial abilites.


In terms of where you'll be able to spec your Evoker, there's two routes, as there usually is with more classes in WoW.

First, we have the Devastation Evokers which will focus on DPS, mainly in the form of range attacks and so on.

Then, we have the Preservation Evokers, who are going to focus on healing.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Dracthyr Evoker - Talent Trees



World of Warcraft Dragonflight Dracthyr Evoker - Gameplay