Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout came onto the scene hot, and managed to woo millions of players with its quirky battle royale-meets-platformer approach.  There have been many a “Cool Bean” and “Bad Egg” along the way, and some have been lucky enough to pull in the ever-elusive crown by proving themselves worthy.  If you haven’t managed to snag a win just yet, no need to worry.  Fall Guys just leveled the playing field in a big way.

Fall Guys’ second season launched today, October 8th, 2020, and it’s dropping players into a new set of maps and challenges, complete with a much different theme.  You’ll still be running, jumping, and diving your way to victory, now you’re doing it in unfamiliar areas while tackling devilish new obstacles.  Get ready, because Fall Guys second season is ready to kick your bean-shaped butt all over the place!


What’s New?

First up, this season brings in a completely new medieval theme.  While you’ll see this theme in courses and obstacles, it also applies to skins as well.  Dress as a knight, wizard, dragon, and more as you struggle to become the king of the hill.  Can’t decide which new outfit to wear?  Let the game pick for you, as Season 2 of Fall Guys includes a Random Outfit Generator.  With one click of a button, the game will automatically put together a skin based on what you own.  The results will give you a unique look that’s perfect for some medieval mayhem!

Your new medieval skins will look right at home in the “Knight Fever” stage, which was the first new level to get a full reveal before Season 2 launched.  In this stage, you’ll have to work your way to the goal as you navigate spiked columns, swinging guillotine blades, constantly-moving drawbridges, and a particularly nasty new obstacle called “Thicc Bonkus.”  This dastardly hazard is a massive swinging log that’s littered with spikes.  One whack from this big boy can easily send tens of players tumbling off the edge of the level.

That’s not the only new stage available to players, though.  The journey through Season 2 will have you scrambling around “Wall Guys,” which adds in a brand-new moveable block that you’ll need to shove in order to scale a castle wall.  There’s also “Egg Siege,” which puts a medieval twist on the standard egg-hoarding game from Season 1.  Finally, there’s “Hoopsie Legends,” which adds moveable blocks to the hoop-diving mechanic from Season 1’s Hoopsie Daisy.

These new stages mean you’ll have more ways than ever to jump to victory, and Season 2 will even let you pick your poison.  A Show Selector option has been added to the game, and it let’s you dictate which kind of levels you feel like tackling.  If you want to keep things a solo affair, you can eliminate team-based stages altogether.  If you love the thrill of the mob running for the finish line, you can use the Show Selector to fill out an entire run with nothing but race stages.  Season 2 of Fall Guys lets you curate an experience that’s exactly to your liking, which should certainly maximize your fun in the long run.

Of course, there’s plenty of changes in Season 2 when it comes to your character as well.  This time around, you’ll have more customization options than ever before.  While the aforementioned Medieval skins certainly spruce things up, you also now have access to banners for your name.  These banners let you add a bit of flair to your nameplate, featuring elements like crowns, pizza slices, and more.  Banners go hand-in-hand with new nickname options, which display under your regular username.  These nicknames come from a predetermined set of options, including monikers like “Sir-Hugs-a-Lot,” “Rookie,” and many others.

What Carries Over?

While Season 2 of Fall Guys includes a wealth of new content, you don’t have to ditch everything from Season 1.  You’re allowed to keep all of your customizable elements from the first season, including your various skins, plus the Crowns and Kudos you’ve amassed.  On the flip-side, Fame Points and your overall Level do not make the transition.  You’re starting back from square one with those aspects, which is not unheard of and is how most other big-name battle royale games handle things.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will no doubt put players through the ringer once again with Season 2, and will definitely make for some memeable, streamable moments.  Grab Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PC or PS4 now, and jump into the new season of fun!